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We, the members of the Equitas Health Board of Trustees, are deeply troubled and disturbed by the claims of racism and racial discrimination raised by a number of current and former employees of Equitas Health. As members of the Board, we understand the urgency of this matter as we determine the best way to move... View Article

Public Statement 10/7/21

This week, the Columbus Dispatch published an article reflecting experiences of former and current staff of Equitas Health. Those of us who work here know that our growth and evolution has been challenging. We cannot – and will not – ignore the historical and current impact that our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) stakeholders are... View Article

Public Statement 7/21/21

A study published by the American Medical Association (AMA) study on April 28, 2021 provides an extremely convincing and encouraging explanation as to why more and more transgender and gender diverse people are asking for gender-affirming surgeries. The studied analyzed data from almost 28,000 transgender and gender diverse U.S. adults. This groundbreaking study, and the... View Article

Public Statement 6/25/21

Public Statement 6/17/21