National Social Work Month | Equitas Health

Blog 3/1/24

National Social Work Month

Equitas Health Celebrates Social Workers in March and All Year Long

Social workers were at the forefront of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. They provided support and social services for those in hospitals and hospices. They also took part in pioneering prevention work with people in high-risk groups. Social workers still advocate for people who face stigma, hate crimes, and discrimination. They are committed to ending HIV.

At Equitas Health, more than 225 social workers come to work each day to help people living with HIV/AIDS get access to healthcare, insurance, and housing. They help people access HIV meds, condoms, sterile needles, and other vital resources like recovery programs and mental health counseling. They also link people to specialists, support groups, meals, and more.

Equitas Health would not be the premier LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS serving organization that it is without its social workers! Our doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and administrators know just how vital social workers are to helping the people we serve achieve their healthcare goals. Throughout the month of March, our staff will celebrate Equitas Health social workers in a series of videos. We want them to know how much their work means to Equitas Health’s mission to provide care for all.

Thank you to social workers everywhere, and to our Equitas Health social workers!

You make our work matter. You make a difference.