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Equitas Health prepares for 2020 – Commit to be counted!

9/2/19 – Have you noticed U.S. Census Bureau workers in your community? Surprised? From now until October, Census workers will be “address canvassing” in our neighborhoods. That means Census Bureau employees will be knocking on doors to verify addresses so they know where to send the Census questionnaires next April. They aren’t there to count you quite yet!

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Planned Parenthood Forgoes Title X Funding

8/22/19 – The Trump Administration’s latest ploy to harm and further marginalize the most vulnerable among us is not just wrongheaded and discriminatory – it will have long-lasting negative impacts on the health of all Americans. Trump’s “gag rule” has forced Planned Parenthood and other Title X recipients to withdraw from Title X funding, compromising access to high quality healthcare for thousands of Ohioans and millions of individuals nationwide.

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