Equitas Health Patient Resources


Wouldn’t it be nice if healthcare was easy?


Wouldn’t it be nice if…

Doctor’s appointments would magically appear on your calendar when you need them, at times and locations that work for you?

You always knew how you were going to pay for your meds?

If you had a real person you could talk to when you have questions about your insurance, your health condition, or your treatment?


We think so too.

While we can’t wave a magic wand and make all of the healthcare hoops go away, we can help you get through them.

We understand your healthcare needs won’t always follow our business hours. When this happens call (833) 378-4827 for after hours care.

At Equitas Health, we want you to feel confident about getting the care you need when you need it. You focus on your health. Let us focus on making your healthcare easier.

Your First Visit

What to expect from your first visit at Equitas Health. And how to prepare.

Affording Care

Find an insurance plan that meets your needs. Learn more about our Care for All discount. We can help!

Patient Feedback

We want to provide the highest quality care and experience to all client and patients. Here are the ways you can share your feedback with us.

Pharmacy Delivery

Your Meds Delivered Free!

If you live in Ohio, your meds can be delivered free to your home. Call one of our pharmacies to have your meds delivered today! Some limits may apply.

Transfer Your Prescription

Are You Safe?

If you or someone you know has been the victim of violence or threats, we can help make sure you are safe and find you the support you need. You are not alone.

Find Support

Keep Up On Vaccinations

Vaccines can help you stay healthy. They also help stop the spread of disease and protect those around you. Our pharmacists can help you make sure you are protected.

Learn More