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Be Ready for Your Next Visit

Following these steps can help you and your provider get the most out of your appointments. Remember, any time you have questions, you can reach us at (833) 378-4827. Even after hours!

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Before Your Visit

  • Write down questions that you want to ask your provider.
  • Make a travel plan for getting to your visit.
  • Get there at least 15 minutes early to check in and update your info.
  • Ask for an interpreter if you think you might need one. You can do this by sending a MyChart message to your provider or calling (833) 378-4827.
  • A list of your symptoms.
  • A list of the meds you take. Include prescriptions, OTC meds, vitamins, & supplements.
  • Your insurance card and state or federal ID

Equitas Health

At Your Visit

Ask these 3 questions:

  1. What is my main concern?
  2. What do I need to do?
  3. Why is it important for me to do this?
  • Be honest and clear with your doctor or nurse.
  • Ask questions when something is not clear.
  • Write down answers to your questions & what the doctor or nurse would like you to do. You can bring a family member or friend to take notes for you.

Get ready with MyChart

You can update your contact info, complete medical forms, review your list of meds, and attend Telehealth visits using your MyChart account. Learn more about MyChart here.


Things happen!

If you need to cancel or reschedule appointment, call us at (833) 378-4827. Please call at least two hours before your appointment. You can also cancel appointments and ask for new ones on MyChart.