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Our harm reduction care meets you where you are today.

Drug use can range from heavy to none at all. We also know that some ways of using drugs are safer than others. You do not need to be interested in drug treatment to take part in Equitas Health’s harm reduction services.

How does Equitas Health’s syringe exchange program work?

Safe Point is Equitas Health’s harm reduction program in Columbus. By taking part in Safe Point’s syringe exchange, you can trade up to 280 used syringes for new syringes each month.

You can also get:

  • HIV & Hep C testing
  • Safer drug use info & training
  • Primary care & wellness checks
  • Free overdose prevention meds

Safe Point can help you join a drug treatment program when—and only when—you are ready. You do not have to commit to quit to get any of Safe Point’s services. Learn more at

Where can I get naloxone kits to prevent overdoses?

Franklin County residents can order free naloxone (Narcan) kits at

Equitas Health’s Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton pharmacies also have naloxone kits and training for safer and more effective use. For more information, call or visit an Equitas Health Pharmacy.

Syringe Exchange

Visit Safe Point for access to new syringes, disposal of used syringes, and safer injection use education.

Support Groups

We heal when we ask for help and when we help others. You do not have to be alone on your health journey. Find a community of support at Equitas Health.

Safe Point

Safe Point

Columbus, Ohio

Safe Point offers syringe exchange, naloxone distribution, HIV testing, and other harm reduction services for people who inject drugs. No judgement. Just care. We’re here when you need us.

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Point Not Taken

Point Not Taken

A safe space for people who inject substances and want to discuss the challenges and get support. This is not treatment or recovery. This is community and compassion. Connect every Tuesday from 2 – 3 PM on Zoom.

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