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Blog 9/8/20

Our Dayton Expansion is Complete!

We are proud to announce have completed a significant investment in Dayton.  The expansion of the operations includes more exam rooms, a much larger pharmacy, and a relocation of administrative offices, including the CEO, to the Wright Health Building at 1222 S Patterson Blvd, adjacent to Miami Valley Hospital and very close to downtown and the west side.

In order to serve more Daytonians, the Equitas Health Medical Center was expanded from seven exam rooms to fifteen for primary care, LGBTQ+ care, HIV services, gynecology, and dental care. In addition, another 3 exam rooms will be added for mental health services.

The Equitas Health Pharmacy expanded its square footage nearly five-fold to accommodate more customers with exceptional treatment and financial counseling from staff pharmacists.

Committed to Dayton since the founding in 1984, Equitas Health (formerly AIDS Resource Center) has increased staffing by 61% over the past two years to continue to improve the quality of care in Dayton.

Our Dayton Medical Center expansion is big news for anyone who is looking for state of the art healthcare. Whether you have private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, or no insurance at all, we are ready to offer you quality, integrated, affirming care.

Bill Hardy, CEO

Southwest Ohio Medical Director, Todd Kepler, has made significant improvements in service levels to meet the needs of Daytonians searching for high quality, culturally competent health care. Equitas Health accepts patients regardless of type of insurance, or if uninsured, regardless of ability to pay.

We have transformed the patient experience at Equitas Health from episodic to connected. Our integrated care team is here to help you stay on track with your treatment and make the life changes that will help you reach your health goals.

Dr. Todd Kepler

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