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Blog 8/9/21

National Community Health Center Week Highlights Need for Affordable, Accessible Care

Community Health Centers play a vital part in our nation’s healthcare system. Though we do indeed provide care for all, we are also charged with a specific and binding purpose: to make healthcare affordable and accessible to those who have been left out or kept out of traditional healthcare settings.

And never, in the 55-year history of community health centers, have our services been more critical.

This year, community health centers, including Equitas Health’s four primary care medical centers and pharmacies in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton, have led the charge to rapidly transform affordable primary care, and keep the COVID-19 pandemic from interrupting critical health and wellness services.

  • Our quick pivot to TeleHealth services has helped people living with chronic conditions—like diabetes, HIV, gender dysphoria, and depression—stay connected to life-saving treatment.
  • Our financial counselors have helped those with sudden loss of income and insurance maintain access to quality, affordable, affirming care, regardless of ability to pay.
  • Our COVID-19 and HIV prevention clinics have brought testing to communities most neglected by our healthcare systems and therefore most at risk of transmissions and complications.
  • Our Health and Housing Advocacy teams have helped people living with HIV access or maintain stable treatment and housing.

Support Critical Community Health Services

The 2020 theme for National Community Health Center Week – Lighting the Way for Healthier Communities Today and in the Future – sends a strong message about what the future of healthcare must look like if we truly wish to create communities that nurture health. If we are all to rise together, the future of American healthcare must become more like today’s community health centers: preventative, responsive, integrated, accessible, and most importantly, affordable.

Equitas Health is honored to serve in the proud tradition of community health centers and we are thankful for the support you have given us through the years, so that we can continue our mission to offer quality, affordable affirming care.

If you are able, we invite you to support affordable community healthcare today.

Your Donation Makes Healthcare Affordable

Together we will light the path to a healthier future for all.


Bill Hardy

Bill Hardy
President & CEO