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Blog 10/14/20

Call to Action – Social Work Ethics Dismantled in Texas

We are outraged at the flagrant disregard of social work practice’s core values by the Texas Board of Social Work Examiners (TBSWE). As many of you have seen, last week, the TBSWE accepted language from the Governor of Texas that “removes protections against discrimination for disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression from the Social Work Code of Conduct.”   This action is in direct contradiction to the NASW Code of Ethics and the work that we, as Social Workers, are called to do.  As leaders and Social Workers in our organization, we feel compelled to speak up and speak out about this devastating action and its harm.

Given that this is happening in another state, it might feel like there is not a lot that WE in Ohio can do to advocate, but that’s not true!   We have options! We remain united as social workers and leaders in Ohio and the nation to stand up to injustice and discrimination, and we stand with our colleagues in Texas.  The NASW Code of ethics states we should increase access not limit access. Further, the code mandates social workers become involved in social justice.

We are encouraging everyone to advocate in any way you can and speak up to tell the Texas Board of Social Work Examiners and Governor Abbott that this language and its acceptance are not in line with our ethics as Social Workers!   Some ways to advocate include:

  1. Post on social media about your disagreement and raise awareness of the issue and stand with our fellow Social Workers in Texas
  2. Follow the link below to the NASW, Texas Chapter to educate yourself and for more ideas on advocating:—Changes-to-Code-of-Conduct.htm
  3. Visit our EveryAction page to send a customized message to Texas Governor Greg Abbot:

Thanks for taking the time to speak up and advocate!