Undetectable = Untransmittable

The New/Last Era of HIV

We are living in a new era of HIV treatment and prevention. If we use the tools of this era correctly, we can make it the last.

The New/Last Era of HIV. U=U. Undetectable equals Untransmittable. Equitas Health.

What’s the New Era of HIV?

Today a person living with HIV, who is receiving effective treatment:

CAN live a long, healthy life.

CANNOT pass the virus to sexual partners.

Today an HIV test is the start of a new healthy life, no matter what the result:

POSITIVE? A quick start to treatment will, if maintained, render the virus undetectable and untransmittable.

NEGATIVE? Stay that way with PrEP, a once-daily pill up to 99% effective at preventing HIV.

Today treatment is prevention!

U=U means that comprehensive HIV treatment helps those living with HIV stay healthy *and* stops HIV transmissions.

Today there is no room for stigma!

HIV is now a chronic illness, that—like asthma or diabetes—we cannot yet cure, but we can effectively manage. That’s it!

Living with HIV. Can't Pass it on. Undetectable equals Untransmittable. U=U. Equitas Health.

How Can You Help Make This the Last Era of HIV?

Reducing Stigma ➡ Increases Testing ➡ Increases Treatment ➡ Stops Transmissions … That’s how we end this thing.

Spread the Word about U=U! When you spread the word about U=U, you chip away at the stigma that criminalizes HIV and keeps people from testing and treatment. Make sure your friends, family and co-workers know about the new/last era of HIV. Download our U=U memes, cover photos, and profile pics and fill your social network with the truth about HIV.

Get Tested! Make testing a routine part of your preventative healthcare. Knowing your status is key to ending the epidemic. Find an Equitas Health testing clinic near you. Find other testing locations in your area.

Get Treatment! A positive HIV test result means the start of your new healthy life. Starting treatment quickly will stop the virus from attacking your immune system and help you lower your viral load so that you cannot pass HIV to sexual partners. Make an appointment today!

Get PrEP! A negative HIV test result means the opportunity to start PrEP, daily medication up to 99% effective at preventing HIV. Talk to a provider at an Equitas Health Medical Center in Columbus or Dayton about PrEP. Talk to a PrEP Health Navigator to learn about a new Ohio program that makes PrEP free for most Ohioans.

Get PEP! If you think you’ve been exposed to HIV within the past 72 hours, you should start PEP today. (PEP, or post-exposure prophylaxis, is an emergency-based treatment for the prevention of HIV after exposure has occurred. Contact an Equitas Health Medical Center or go to an urgent care or emergency room immediately.

Bring the U=U Message to Your Agency! The Equitas Health Institute is offering a free training titled “Contemporary Prevention Tools to Halt New HIV infections and End the Epidemic” to community health and social service organizations across Ohio. Many healthcare and social service providers are reluctant to endorse the research that confirms U=U and PrEP. Even more concerning, populations most at risk of contracting HIV are those most often denied the information and treatment they need to live safe and satisfying lives. This training will prepare your medical or social service team to fully endorse PrEP, PEP, and U=U interventions. Schedule a training today!

Advocate! Subscribe to Equitas Health Advocacy Alerts and learn about opportunities to support continued funding for HIV treatment, prevention, and support services and dismantle archaic HIV criminalization laws in Ohio.

Participate in AIDS Walk Ohio 2020! As an AIDS Walk Ohio participant, you will fuel efforts to stop HIV in Ohio not only by raising critical funds to prevent and treat HIV, but by starting conversations about U=U among your family and friends, and fighting stigma with knowledge of the latest research. Registration starts on December 1, 2019. Follow us on Facebook to make sure you get registered.


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