HIV/AIDS Health Navigation

If you’re living with HIV/AIDS, nothing is more important than having access to quality health care. The health care system can be so complex that it’s difficult to navigate.

Adding to this frustration is the complicated system of health insurance and government health programs that provide the benefits that pay for health care.

This is where Equitas Health steps in and thrives. We will be your advocate, your helper, your care.

Medical Services

If eligible, you may be able to access Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program resources. We’ll work together to ensure you have access to doctor visits, diagnostics, oral health care, and monitoring.

We’ll help you understand key medical services, and, if needed, we can even accompany you to medical appointments.

About the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program is a program of last resort, which means it’s only available if there are no other ways for you to access or pay for care.

Otherwise, eligibility requirements are:

  • HIV-positive
  • Gross income must be equal to or less than 500% of Federal Poverty Level (FPL).
  • Ohio residency
  • Must meet face-to-face with your case manager every six months to remain active and eligible for services

What documents are required to access the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program?

  • Proof of Ohio residency: Valid Ohio Driver’s License, Ohio Medicaid card, a utility bill or mail from the federal/state/local government, or a copy of a lease
  • Proof of HIV: Western Blot, viral load, letter signed by a MD
  • Proof of Income: One month’s worth of pay stubs, year-to-date pay statements, statement of government assistance, or a no-income statement. Proof of income must be reviewed every six months.

What services can the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program help with?

  • Access to doctor visits, diagnostics, and monitoring as indicated by the standard of care
  • Mental health counseling
  • Oral health care up to $2,500 per person per Ryan White year upon approval by ODH

Please note, these criteria are subject to change at any time. Please contact one of our health navigators with specific questions.


Beginning a medication regimen is often a vital turning point in your care. But it starts with an understanding that sticking to your medication regimen is crucial to achieving an undetectable viral load.

We find it helps to review the pros and cons of the various medication options with a health navigator, so you’re prepared to have an instructive and meaningful conversation with your doctor.

We can also work with you to access medications either through the Ohio Drug Assistance Program (OHDAP) or through other available patient assistance programs.

About the Ohio Drug Assistance Program (OHDAP)

This program provides medications for the treatment of HIV. You can also use program funds to purchase health insurance, if eligible, and for other services that enhance access to, adherence to, and monitoring of drug treatments.


  • Submit a complete application
  • Ohio Residency
  • Gross income must be equal to or less than 300% of Federal Poverty Level (FPL).
  • Proof of monthly income must be reviewed every six months
  • Provide a copy of your IRS Income Tax Transcript for the most recent tax year

The following programs are included in OHDAP:

  1. OHDAP: Formulary, single drug, medication co-pays for private health insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare
  2. HIPP Program: Private health insurance premiums, COBRA policy premiums, and Medicare Part D policy premiums
  3. Ohio Medicaid Spenddown Payment Program: Monthly Spenddown
    • Medicaid with Spenddown – renew every six months
    • Medicare Part D with Spenddown (client not working) – renew yearly
    • OHDAP is no longer covering monthly spenddowns for clients that are dual eligible (have both Medicare and Medicaid).

To find out if you’re eligible and to enroll, please visit and search OHDAP Program. From there you can download a copy of the OHDAP application. You can also call 1-800-777-4775 with any questions.


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