HIV/STI Testing & Prevention

We provide free anonymous or confidential HIV/AIDS and STI testing and evidence-based risk reduction strategies. The majority of new infections could be stopped with the proper care and treatment.

From HIV/STI testing for individuals and couples to prevention strategy education about resources like PrEP, Equitas Health is aiming to reduce new infections in Ohio.

Please note: HIV prevention materials & information may not be appropriate for all ages.

Couples Testing and Counseling

Couples Testing and Counseling provides an opportunity for you and your partner to have an HIV test together.


The Comprehensive Risk Counseling Services program works with people living with HIV or who are at high risk of HIV infection.

Healthy Relationships

Some of the topics discussed in the program include safer sex, sexuality, intimacy and disclosure of HIV status to partners.

Hepatitis C Testing

At Equitas Health, we offer rapid Hepatitis C testing at our medical centers and through our Safe Point program.

HIV/STI Testing

Experts believe up to 90 percent of new HIV infections could be stopped with the proper care and treatment. Likewise, the majority of STIs can be easily prevented, thus halting the spread. That’s why prevention is a big part of Equitas Health’s HIV and STI strategy, and that starts with getting tested.


Me4Me is a program designed to improve the health of males ages 16 and older living with HIV/AIDS or at high-risk for HIV.