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Equitas Health works at the local, state, and national level to back policies that support healthy communities.

We know that our patients’ lives stretch beyond the walls of our medical centers. As a result, our policy and advocacy work involves many issues. We keep fighting for low-cost and nondiscriminatory healthcare, an end to HIV, legal protections for LGBTQ+ people, and justice in public safety.

From the battle to save the Affordable Care Act to condemning laws that would limit what teachers can say about sexual orientation and race in the classroom, we stand up for what is right for our patients, our clients, and all Ohioans.

Equitas Health Public Statements & Policy Briefs

Public Statement on House Bill 616 (4/6/2022)
Public Statement on the Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder (5/25/2021)
Public Statement on the Police Killing of Daunte Wright (4/13/2021)
Public Statement on the Arkansas Legislature’s Attack on Trans Lives (4/9/2021)
Public Statement on the Trial of Derek Chauvin (4/8/2021)
AIDS United Public Policy Council Statement on Addressing the Urgent Public Health and Racial Justice Challenges of 2020 (10/23/2020)
Public Statement on the Miscarriage of Justice Surrounding the Murder of Breonna Taylor (9/24/2020)
Public Statement on Racial and Geographic Disparities in Overdose Deaths (8/31/2020)
Public Statement on Findlay, Ohio Hate Crime (7/20/2020)
Public Statement on State Violence (6/3/2020)
Public Statement on COVID-19 and Racial Disparities (4/29/2020)
Public Statement on COVID-19 and the Incarceration of Immunocompromised People (4/13/2020)
Public Statement on Ohio’s Six-Week Abortion Ban (4/11/2019)
Public Statement on the Ohio Fairness Act (2/13/2019)
Public Statement on Non-Discrimination Protections for State Employees (1/14/2019)
Public Statement on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (1/18/2018)
Public Statement on the #BlackPride4 Protest (6/19/2019)
The Ohio Drug Price Relief Act (8/16/17)
American Health Care Act (6/22/17)

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