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Public Statement 1/6/21

In Response to Today’s Events at the Capitol Building

Earlier this afternoon, members of Congress gathered to certify the results of the Electoral College. The process, which is typically a formality, has been a target of President Trump and some of his allies in Congress. Supporters of President Trump gathered as members of Congress began the certification process and quickly the demonstration devolved into a violent, successful effort to breach the United States Capitol Building.

The US Capitol Police were unable to prevent these individuals from entering the building and members of Congress and their staff have been evacuated and moved to a secure location. We are monitoring the situation as it develops and hope for the safety and security of our elected officials, members of their staff, and those who work at the US Capitol.

That this series of events unfolded so easily and with no immediate backup to protect our members of government is simply outrageous, particularly when we recall that peaceful protestors supporting the Movement for Black Lives were met with tear gas and rubber bullets. Now, we are witnessing acts of domestic terrorism and sedition unfold within our Capitol building while opponents of democracy continue to fan the flames of discord with their violent rhetoric and unwillingness to dispatch federal law enforcement agents to handle the threat of a white supremacist insurgency.

We condemn this violence and the attempt to subvert the will of the American people. We call upon President Trump to condemn these acts of domestic terrorism and allow the National Guard to protect and secure the US Capitol and members of Congress and Congressional staff– our national security is on the line.