Equitas Health Statement on the Miscarriage of Justice Surrounding the Murder of Breonna Taylor

This Wednesday, a Jefferson County, KY grand jury indicted one police officer for his actions during the raid that resulted in the murder of Breonna Taylor, but did not charge any of the involved police officers for causing her death. Injustice, not justice, was served.

The refusal of the county and the state to take responsibility for the sanctioned violence that resulted in Ms. Taylor’s death reveals, yet again, that our systems of policing, our courts, our laws, and the enforcement of our laws do not value the health, safety, and lives of Black people.

We understand that the systematic racism that endangered and took Breonna Taylor’s life is not something that exists ‘over there.’ It is not just Kentucky’s problem or the legal system’s problem. It is Ohio’s problem, and a healthcare problem, and Equitas Health’s problem, as well.

It is Equitas Health’s responsibility to support the physical and mental health of the Black people we serve and employ. As we reckon with this travesty of justice, we are reminded of the resolve required to investigate and redress the ways we contribute to the endangerment of Black lives. Racism will not uproot itself. It is among the hardest and most important work we will do as an organization and as a country. That work is upon us, now. Black lives and the soul of our nation depend upon it.