Know Your Rights | Equitas Health

Know Your Rights

At Equitas Health, we believe that everyone has a right to quality, low-cost, and affirming healthcare. Our dedicated staff works every day to protect this right in a healthcare home where you can feel safe being yourself. Your whole self.

And Your Responsibilities

We also believe that you get the best care possible when you lead the way on your healthcare journey.

We can walk with you. We can’t walk for you.


Let’s take the road to better health together.

Here’s a quick guide to your rights & responsibilities as an Equitas Health patient or client.


Your Rights

This is what we mean when we say Care for All.

  • You have the RIGHT to get the care you need free from any form of discrimination.
  • You have the RIGHT to include a support person in your health care and appointments.
  • You have the RIGHT to know why we will not – or will no longer – serve you.
  • You have the RIGHT to feel safe at Equitas Health.
  • You have the RIGHT to know the price of our services and to ask for help paying for them.


Your Responsibilities

You are the captain of your care team. The team wins when everyone does their part.

  • You have the RESPONSIBILITY to give your care team your most up-to-date address, phone numbers, earnings info, health record, and insurance info.
  • You have the RESPONSIBILITY to show up to your appointments.
  • You have the RESPONSIBILITY not to physically or verbally abuse, threaten, harm, or endanger any Equitas Health, patient, client, or staff.
  • You have the RESPONSIBILITY for any choice you make to get – or refuse – any treatment, service, or therapy.
  • You have the RESPONSIBILITY to let us know if we have not made something fully clear to you.


If we fail to uphold your rights in any way, you have the RIGHT & the RESPONSIBILITY to send your complaint to our Compliance Officer or any agency that accredits, funds, or partners with Equitas Health.