How Are We Doing? | Equitas Health

Learn how you can make a difference:

Your Feedback and Experience Guide our Services

We learn the most from the people we serve. Your suggestions and survey responses help us make our services and programs better. We welcome compliments too! They help us know what is working well, so we can keep doing it.

We want to hear from you!

Please reach out to us when you…

  • have a complaint about our service
  • have a suggestion for how we can serve you better
  • have a good experience with our staff & volunteers

What happens with my feedback?

We review and respond to each complaint, suggestion, and compliment.


Depending on the nature of a complaint, we may contact you for more information. We will also share the steps we took to address the issue.


We look for common themes to help us decide which suggestions to put into action. While we do our best to implement as many as possible, we may not be able to act on your suggestion right away. Sometimes, we might need to wait awhile to make sure we do it right!


Who doesn’t like to hear they’re doing a great job? Hearing what we do well – and who’s doing it– helps make sure we keep doing it. It also helps us support the growth of our staff and volunteers.

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