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Communication for Understanding

The Equitas Health Institute is the education, research, and community engagement arm of Equitas Health. We offer culturally competent education programs in healthcare and corporate settings, focusing on reducing health disparities in the LGBTQ+ community.

Our trainings, assessments, and consulting can be tailored to meet the needs of your team and the people you serve. Trainings are ideal for:

  • Medical or social service providers
  • Higher education institutions
  • Corporate workplaces

You will learn valuable information on engaging with LGBTQ+ people, working with community-based organizations, and supporting LGBTQ+ health research efforts in our region.

Our work with the LGBTQ+ community encompasses all sexual and gender minorities including, but not limited to, those who identify as pansexual, asexual, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and intersex.

Training options

The Equitas Health Institute offers a variety of presentation options for your group, both in-person and virtual.

  • Guest Speaker – An Institute trainer delivers a 30-minute speech tailored to your meeting or function.
  • Presentations – Ideal for larger audiences, our 60-, 90-, and 120-minute presentations offer a more detailed introduction to the chosen subject.
  • Workshops – Designed to maximize audience participation, these half-day or full-day sessions are discussion-based, in-depth opportunities to engage with the topic and trainer.
  • Webinars – Live or recorded, webinars offer flexible, 30- or 60-minute sessions for your group.

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Visit the Equitas Health Institute website at www.equitashealthinstitute.com to learn more about our education and training offerings or to schedule a session.

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Pharmacy Gives Back

Our Pharmacy Gives Back

Equitas Health reinvests 100 % of our pharmacy profits back into our programs and services. Your prescription can help pay for someone else’s lifesaving care. Why not pay it forward?

Transfer Your Prescriptions

Trans Wellness


A drop-in wellness space in Columbus, Ohio, by and for trans, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people. Connect and find community in-person or online. Stop by!

You Be You
Brother in Unity

Men’s Wellness

Brothers In UNITY

Columbus, Ohio

An affirming social and wellness space for same-gender loving men of color. Looking for community? Drop by one of our in-person or virtual social gatherings or workshops.

Join Us
Toledo MPowerment

Men’s Wellness

Toledo MPowerment

A social and HIV prevention group that offers in-person and virtual gatherings and workshops for gay/bi men and people of trans experience ages 18-29. Check out our calendar of events!

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A treatment program for gay men, men who have sex with men, and people of Trans experience who use methamphetamines (meth, Tina, crystal) and have an interest in harm reduction or sobriety. Connection is the opposite of addiction. Connect with GraviTas.

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