Your First Medical Visit

What to Expect at Your Medical Appointment

Patient shaking hands with provider


Expect your first appointment to take about 60-90 minutes. Your doctor or nurse practitioner will ask you about your medical and social history. Follow up appointments are shorter.

  • First Primary Care visit, expect 60 minutes.
  • First HIV Specialty Care visit, expect 90 minutes.
  • First Trans Health visit, expect 90 minutes.


Your doctor or nurse practitioner will order blood samples and conduct exams. They might do some other tests, such as a skin test for tuberculosis or recommend vaccines to prevent other problems such as pneumonia and the flu.


  • A list of your current medications with dosages (Let your doctor or nurse practitioner know of any over-the-counter medicines you take.)
  • Insurance information (if you have insurance)
  • Government issued photo ID (if you have one)


Great care starts with great communication. Be honest with your doctor or nurse practitioner. Tell them all your symptoms and health concerns so that you can get the help you need. Also, mention if you use alcohol or drugs since it can affect your treatment. We are not here to judge or shame. Equitas Health provides welcoming care for all.


Don’t be shy. It’s your health and you should understand. Ask your doctor or nurse practitioner about any questions you have. You can also bring a family member or friend to support you. If there are ways we can make your appointment more accessible or understandable to you, please call the office in advance and let us know. (For example: you remember information better when it’s written down, you have anxiety about medical appointments, you need an interpreter, etc.)

Patient and provider give each other a high five.