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Get PrEP for Free with PAPI

PAPI* is a new program that makes PrEP free for most Ohioans. Our PrEP Health Navigators across the state are ready to help you enroll in PAPI and get PrEP paid for.


What if there was a pill to prevent HIV? What if it was free? PAPI covers PrEP costs.

Who can use PAPI?

People who: Have a negative HIV status, live in Ohio,  and make less than $62,450 (for a household of 1).

What can PAPI pay for?

PAPI pays the cost for things like co-pays, doctor visits, and your health insurance premiums.

What other PrEP costs are there?

Your PrEP Health Navigator will help you get PrEP paid for with your health insurance or other assistance programs.

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*PAPI stands for Prevention Assistance Program Interventions.


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Akron OH 44313

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Athens OH 45701


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