Mu Crew – Dayton

The Mu Crew is another Dayton-area social group comprised of young gay/bisexual men ages 18-29.

We encourage making new friends, relaxing, continuing our own education about life, doing new things, and keeping a mindset that you are who you are, and that is fine by us. We welcome diverse perspectives, experiences, and people.
Mu Crew has about 40 active members and a bunch of alumni. There are no membership fees, no initiation process, no minimum required number of meetings/events to attend, etc. Just show up at any of our meetings or events and you’re in!
The Mu Crew organizes camping/retreats, educational outreach events, specialty speakers, community services projects, fundraising initiatives (e.g. Drag Shows), dances/parties, trips to malls and nearby cities, game and movie nights, and so much more. Our events are drug- and alcohol-free to create a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable.

If you’re ready to have fun and make a lot of new friends come check us out!

Find out more about Mu Crew here

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