Columbus – Mozaic

Mozaic is a wellness program and community space for transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people of color ages 13-29.

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Holiday Hours & Closures


2228 Summit Street
Columbus OH, 43201

(614) 572-0820

Office Hours
Mozaic currently offers most activities online.

Testing Times

Available by appointment:
TUES 11 AM - 2 PM

Available Services

HIV/AIDS Health Navigation

Even the most prepared can become overwhelmed navigating our country’s healthcare system and insurance options. We’ll help you navigate these paths to ensure you’re getting the care and treatment you need and deserve.

HIV/STI Testing & Sexual Health Clinics

Experts believe up to 90 percent of new HIV infections could be stopped with the proper care and treatment. Likewise, the majority of STIs can be easily prevented, thus halting the spread. That’s why prevention is a big part of Equitas Health’s HIV and STI strategy, and that starts with getting tested.

Trans Health

Equitas Health offers a trans-affirming environment to meet the unique healthcare needs of trans individuals, as well as genderqueer and gender-nonconforming individuals.