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Your voice makes a difference. Together we can advocate for smart public policy that keeps us safe & healthy, and offers us the resources we need during this time of uncertainty.

Federal Relief for ALL!

3/24/2020 – As federal policy makers continue to negotiate a second wave of economic stimulus measures in response to COVID-19, we must advocate for inclusion of policies that extend relief to vulnerable Americans, including those whose health and jobs may become affected by this pandemic.

The Senate will vote soon on another $2 trillion economic relief package, and we must tell them: We cannot afford to bail out corporations without supporting hardworking Americans who are already facing massive disruptions and looming economic insecurity.

Our communities are already hurting from the impact of COVID-19. We need a relief package that includes:

  • The PAID Leave Act to ensure paid sick and family leave for all workers.
  • Emergency cash assistance to all Americans.
  • A national moratorium on evictions and foreclosures that includes renters.
  • Extended forbearance on student loans.
  • Funding for states like Ohio to move to vote-by-mail for the now delayed primary and the November general election.

Contact Senator Portman Now!

In your message to Senator Portman, please ask him to ensure that the relief package includes a permanent solution that allows providers who work for Community Health Centers like Equitas Health to provide telehealth services from their homes to patients in their own homes. Such a fix will allow us to continue to serve patients while also prioritizing the safety of critical health care workers.

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