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Your voice makes a difference. Together we can advocate for smart public policy that keeps us safe & healthy, and offers us the resources we need as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

We Need Additional Federal Relief NOW!

December 2020 – Millions of Americans are reaching a benefit cliff as federal policy makers continue to fall short of reaching an agreement on the next round of federal COVID relief measures. Measures like federal student forbearance, eviction moratoriums, mortgage forbearance, and extended unemployment insurance are set to expire as the year nears an end.

Our communities continue to experience the rippling medical, financial, and social impact of COVID-19. We need a new relief package that includes:

  • The PAID Leave Act to ensure paid sick and family leave for all workers.
  • An additional round of emergency cash assistance to all Americans.
  • A national moratorium on evictions and foreclosures that includes renters.
  • Extended forbearance on student loans and student loan forgiveness
  • Additional support for local and state governments.
  • Additional funding for community health centers.
  • Increased funding for testing and contact tracing.

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