COVID-19 and our Mental Health

At Equitas Health, we are concerned about your mental health. As we continue to learn and respond to COVID-19, our anxiety can take over.  Stay in touch with your health care provider.


Please consider some of the tips below as we navigate through the coming days:

  • Stay connected (while maintaining social distancing). Use your phone and social media apps to catch up with family, friends and neighbors.
  • Check in with people you trust about how you are feeling. Talk about your concerns
  • Stay focused on the facts. Avoid the hype.
  • Take regular break from reading, listening and watching stories about the pandemic.
  • Participate in activities that provide healthy distraction.
  • Take care of your body. Take regular walks. Create an at home fitness routine. Dust off the yoga mat and do some stretching and poses.
  • Stay hydrated and eat well-balanced meals.
  • Try something new and find on-line support or discussion groups.
  • Get plenty of good quality sleep.
  • Avoid over using substances.
  • If you are having to work from home or unable to go to work, create a regular routine.



Here are some resources that may be helpful to you in this time of uncertainty:


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