The Trump Administration announced it will continue to pursue a citizenshipon the #2020Census.

Update: President Trump announced on Thursday an end to his administration’s efforts to include a harmful citizenship question to the #2020census. Instead, he will be issuing an executive order to all departments and agencies in the federal government.

The Trump Administration has instructed the government to compile citizenship data from existing records and provide this data to the Census Bureau immediately.

While the Trump Administration may have dropped efforts to add the citizenship question to the #2020census, it remains imperative that every person is counted. A #CompleteCount is necessary for equal political representation and the allocation and delivery of vital public resources.

Breaking! The Trump Administration announced today that it will continue to pursue a citizenship question on the #2020Census. In a recent statement to U.S. District Judge George J. Hazel, Justice department lawyers affirm the Administration’s decision to pursue the citizenship question, but admit that they do not yet know what rationale they will put forward to justify adding the question, or how the question will be included on the census. The government has already begun to print the census forms.

This decision follows the Administration’s announcement earlier this week that it would abide by a Supreme Court order that effectively blocked the question from the census. The Court stated that the current rationale for the question was “contrived,” but continued by saying the question could be added to census questionnaires if Administration officials offered an acceptable explanation as to why it was needed.

In order to ensure that everyone in our communities is counted fairly and accurately it is imperative that we keep this harmful question off census questionnaires. Adding a citizenship question will narrow the number of people counted by the census, lead to unequal political representation, and deprive vulnerable communities of vital public resources by skewing the funding formulas on which they’re based. We must remain vigilant and push for a #CompleteCount on the #2020Census.






Zachery McCune
Advocacy Manager
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