National Voter Registration Day!

From the desk of Advocacy Manager Katy Shanahan

Did you know that today is National Voter Registration Day? Since 2012, on the fourth Tuesday of every September, more than 4,000 community partners and over 10,000 volunteers come together to host events around the country in an effort to boost one simple message: we’re all better off when our elections reflect everyone in our community. The easiest way to do that is to ensure that every eligible person is registered to vote.

On this National Voter Registration Day, Equitas Health is proud to join this national effort as a community partner to raise awareness of voter registration and to register as many voters as possible—particularly before this crucial November election.

So what can you do to celebrate?

  • Make sure you’re registered to vote! If you are already, make sure all your friends and family are registered, too. To vote in this November’s election, you must be registered by October 9, so check your voter status and make sure it’s updated today.
  • Help us amplify our message by using our hashtags #NationalVoterRegistrationDay #EquitasHealthVotes and #ComeOutToVote.

Last year, millions of Americans didn’t cast a ballot either because they missed the registration deadline or because they didn’t know how to register to vote. Equitas Health is participating in National Voter Registration Day to urge everyone to take action before the October 9 registration deadline. This year we’re voting for our lives—but first we all need to be registered.

Stop by any of our Equitas Health offices across the state or visit to register to vote or to update your registration.

Thanks for all you’re doing to help this effort and remember—register in September and vote in November!

Yours in the fight,


Katy Shanahan
Advocacy Manager