He Did So We Can: Martin Luther King Day 2022

Martin Luther King Day Header


I was just two years old when the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at the annual meeting of the Medical Committee for Human Rights in Chicago.  I cannot say I recall his speech at that young age, but today, his words of impressive moral clarity and certitude give me hope.

In that speech, Dr. King railed against inequality and injustice in healthcare, calling it “shocking.” Nearly 56 years later, this reality persists.

By providing a gateway to good health for all, we at Equitas Health will do our part to continue Dr. King’s fight.

We can hope today because I, like so many Americans, owe a great debt for the forceful vision of freedom championed by Dr. King, thousands of less well-known activists, and millions of individual people across many decades and many generations.

Equitas Health recognizes racism as a public health crisis, and each day, our hundreds of employees embody the passion, persistence, and purpose it takes to inspire the future Dr. King envisioned.

May the holiday be another opportunity to remember and reaffirm the values the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of, and may they strengthen the moral framework in our personal lives and in our nation.

Robert Copeland
Equitas Health Interim CEO