Public Policy Priorities

At Equitas Health, our first priority is ensuring adequate access to, coverage of, and stable funding for all of the healthcare services that our patients need.

Providing Access to Healthcare for All

At Equitas Health, we prioritize advocating for policies that are rooted in the pursuit of health justice. We hold true the understanding that health justice policies are policies that promote equitable access to health care services and coverage, funding for services and programs that support our patients and clients, and civil rights and legal protections for all people. Our mission is to be a gateway to good health for all—but we cannot do that without the essential government programs and public policies that help us provide affordable services to our patients and clients.

Our primary public policy priorities include the following:

Advancing Racial Justice

Expanded COVID-19 Relief

Addressing Social Determinants of Health


Healthcare Programs

Mental Health and Recovery

Dental Health

Community Health Centers

Working to End the HIV Epidemic through Prevention and Care


Treatment and Support Services for People Living with HIV/AIDS

Guaranteeing Equality and Dignity for the LGBTQ+ Community

Providing Housing for PLWHA and LGBTQ+ Youth

Minimizing Negative Interactions with the Criminal Justice System

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