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Promoting increased access to care, community health, LGBTQ+ equality, and HIV prevention and treatment is an all-hands-on-deck effort.

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Prioritize Constituents, Not Corporations

in COVID-19 Economic Relief Measures

As federal policy makers continue to negotiate additional economic stimulus measures in response to COVID-19, we must advocate for inclusion of policies that extend relief to vulnerable Americans, and create safe working conditions for healthcare providers.

Contact Senator Portman Today

Ask him to fight for:

People First Economic Relief Measures

  • Continued emergency cash assistance for the duration of the crisis,
  • A national moratorium on rent and mortgages,
  • Debt forgiveness for publicly held student loans,
  • Funding for states like Ohio to move to vote-by-mail for the November General Election.

Provider / Patient Safety Measure

  • Allow medical providers who work for Community Health Centers like Equitas Health to provide telehealth services from their homes to Medicare patients in their own homes.


Support the REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act (HR 6054)!

Did you know that in Ohio a person can be prosecuted under the felonious assault statute and receive a prison sentence of up to eight years for having sex with a person and not disclosing their HIV status, even if they do not actually transmit HIV and/or took precautionary measures, including being virally suppressed such that they cannot transmit HIV? It’s true! Moreover, Ohio’s law hinges on whether a person living with HIV who has sex without disclosing their status can prove that they disclosed their status. So even if they did actually disclose their status, but can’t prove it, they can be prosecuted under the felonious assault statute.

Ask Your Congressperson to co-sponsor the REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act

We must tell Congress to pass the REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act and in so doing:

  • Address the patchwork of state laws that criminalize HIV
  • Implement a federal solution that reduces stigma.

The REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act will allow federal and state officials to work alongside community stakeholders to end the unjust and outdated practice of HIV criminalization in the United States and ultimately advance the dignity of people living with HIV.

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