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Dedicated to cultivating culturally competent and exceptional community leaders, Equitas Health hopes to advance the personal, professional development of all its employees by offering continuous learning opportunities and by promoting a culture of peer-led learning.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who may attend training sessions?
    All educational opportunities and training sessions are open to all part-time, full-time staff (with supervisor’s approval).
  • How many training sessions may I attend during a year?
    You may attend any number of training sessions throughout the year (with supervisor’s approval).
  • Do trainings meet CE requirements?
    Equitas Health is a certificated CE provider for Social Workers and Counselors through the Social Worker Board. Trainings that are eligible for CE credit will be indicated by (CE) in the title & description.
  • Who are presenters for trainings?
    All presenters will be learned, content experts from Equitas Health staff or from the surrounding communities.
  • How can I register for trainings?
    You may register for trainings by enrolling through Training Center or by emailing Balpreet Kaur (
  • What is the cost to an employee to attend trainings?
    Equitas Health employees may attend internal trainings with no cost to them. However, if you would like to attend a training outside of the agency and would like to be reimbursed, please speak to your supervisor and fill out the Training Approval Form.
  • How do I cancel my registration for a session?
    Cancellations can occur up to one week before the scheduled training. You may do so by emailing Balpreet Kaur ( If a training has less than five participants, the training will be rescheduled to a later date.
  • What sort of trainings are available?
    Internal staff trainings will cover an array of topics related to professional development, personal development, and cultural humility.
  • How are these trainings different than Compliance trainings?
    Compliance Trainings will comply with regulatory and accreditation requirements including but not limited to the following:
    • HIPAA
    • URAC
    • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Training
    • Preventing Workplace Discrimination and Harassment for Employees
    • Language Line
    These trainings – along with all other internal trainings, regardless of the content, medium, and its intended audience – will be hosted online through Training Center.
  • How is Compliance Manager different than Training Center?
    Both Training Center and Compliance Manager are hosted on the same platform: Healthicity. Compliance Manager is used mostly for audits and incident reports. Training Center is the learning management system that will help with the administration, documentation, reporting and delivery of training programs.
  • How is my participation going to be tracked?
    Your participation will be marked through email invites to confirm enrollment, before the training begins. You may enroll in a training directly through Training Center as well. You will receive a confirmation email, indicating your successful enrollment in a course, through Training Center.
    During the training session, attendance will be tracked through sign-in sheets.
  • What if I want to host a training or create one?
    Wonderful news! You can contact Balpreet Kaur ( and set up a one-on-one meeting with her to talk through your idea. Based on your experience as a trainer, you can choose to enroll in the Training 101 coaching sessions to prepare for your upcoming training.
    If you are planning on hosting a training and would like for it to count for CE credit, please send the Training Specialist a note with the following information:
    • Program Schedule & Agendas with session descriptions. The program schedule must include break or lunch times, if applicable.
    • Resumes of all presenters.
    • Which CE you would like to apply for.
    • Training Dates & Location
    Please send in these materials 30-60 days before the training. This will allow for time to process the application.
  • How do I know when an upcoming training will be held?
    You can visit the staff portal at any time to see upcoming trainings. Upcoming trainings and educational opportunities will be shared through the staff Newsletter, the Healthcare Beat.
  • How do I schedule a training for my department or team?
    If you would like to schedule a new training that has not been offered before or schedule a previously offered training, please email Balpreet Kaur ( A training request form is being developed for the future to streamline this process.
  • Where do I give my suggestions and ideas for new trainings?
    All ideas and suggestions are welcome. Please email Balpreet Kaur at any time.
  • Are all trainings mandatory?
    Some trainings are mandatory for all staff. Equitas Health and its various accrediting agencies require all staff to go through:
    1) 2 hours of Cultural Competency training
    2) OSHA, HIPAA, Language Line and Sexual Harassment training.
    According to agency and department priorities, relevant trainings will be made mandatory. You may attend any training you’d like, unless otherwise noted and with supervisor’s approval, especially those corresponding with your professional goals and competencies.

Professional Competencies:

Cultural Competency

  • Inclusivity In Hiring & Onboarding
  • Providing Cultural Competent Care to LGBTQ Populations
  • Language Line
  • How to Talk about Differences (Lunch & Learn)

Ethics & Professionalism

  • Ethics Training for Social Workers & Counselors
  • In Person Harassment Training

Client Centered Counseling Skills

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Stages of Change

Project Management

  • Grants Training

Grants Administration

  • Grants Training
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