Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and sometimes living a full, healthy life requires medication. That’s where our psychiatrists come in.

But before you’re ever prescribed medication, you’ll meet with an Equitas Health talk therapist to determine if medicated treatment plan is the best approach for you. If so, you’ll meet with a psychiatrist for your first consult. At this time, the psychiatrist will take a holistic approach and consider all possible support networks, your complete health history and past care to create a personalized treatment plan

We’ll check in on you regularly, because we want to know what works for you and what doesn’t as you continue on your path to well-being.

Benefits of accessing our psychiatry program include:

  • Coordinated care between your psychiatric nurse practitioner and your other Equitas Health medical providers and/or therapist
  • Individualized treatment plan created by you and your provider
  • Mental health assessments at the beginning of treatment and throughout treatment journey

Available at the following Locations

750 E. Long St., Suite 3000
Columbus OH 43203

Medical Center
(614) 340-6700

(614) 340-6787

1033 N. High St.
Columbus OH 43201

Medical Center
(614) 340-6777

(614) 572-0859

1222 S. Patterson Blvd., Suite 230
Dayton OH 45402

Medical Center
(937) 853-3650

(937) 853-4367