Mammography Education

My breasts. My need to know.

Promoting lesbian, bisexual, trans, and non-binary breast/chest care.

We each come to breast exams from a unique place. Some of us love breasts: ours and other people’s. Some of us look in the mirror and see the curves of our chest as a betrayal of who we are. Some of us spent years on HRT waiting for our breasts to grow and make us complete.
No matter who we are or how we feel about the tissue that hangs from our chest, two things are true:
• Early detection of breast cancer could mean the difference between life and death,
• We deserve mammography care that affirms our bodies, genders, and identities.

The following is a list of mammography providers trained by The Institute for LGBTQ Health Equity to provide culturally competent services to our communities.

Good Samaritan Hospital
2222 Philadelphia Drive, Dayton, OH 45406-1813
Academic Comprehensive Cancer Program
Phone- 937-734-2612

James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research Institute
460 W. 10th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210-1240
NCI Designated Comprehensive Cancer Program
Phone- 614-293-3300

Summa Health System
525 East Market St., Akron, OH 44304
Academic Comprehensive Cancer Program
Phone- 330-375-3000

Columbus Cancer Clinic, Provided by LifeCare Alliance
1699 W. Mound St., Columbus, OH 43223
Phone- 614-263-5006

Fairfield Medical Center
401 North Ewing St., Lancaster, OH 43130-3371
Community Cancer Program
Phone- 740-687-8000

For information about Ohio health and social service providers who are committed to offering LGBTQ-centered care, please see our Ohio LGBTQ Health Resource Guide. <>