Legal Services

Just as Equitas Health strives to remove barriers to healthcare, we also seek to extend our care beyond the walls of a doctor’s office by offering additional services for those in need.

Equitas Health is proud to offer legal assistance as part of our integrated care model. Our lawyers work with clients to remove legal barriers to healthcare, focusing on Equitas Health’s vision to serve as the gateway to good health. Because of our special expertise in HIV and serving the LGBTQ communities, our lawyers fight stigma, discrimination, and help ease access through affirming services. Our services are provided to patients and clients of Equitas Health, people living with HIV, and members of the LGBTQ community.

  • Protect and enforce access to public benefits including Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security
  • Eliminate obstacles to good health care (including discrimination and illegal charges)
  • Keep their jobs, stay in school, and retain housing through enforcement of nondiscrimination laws and reasonable accommodations
  • Obtain disability income if they are too sick to work
  • Return to work after receiving disability as their health improves
  • Protect their medical privacy
  • Plan for their future health care and long-term care needs
  • Protect their families through healthcare directives and wills
  • Obtain legal immigration status in the U.S. if faced with persecution or lack of medical care in their country of origin
  • Correct their identity documents and legal records if they are transgender
  • Fight HIV and LGBT related discrimination, including refusals by a medical provider to prescribe PrEP

Working closely with all providers and staff through all of our offices, our staff attorneys respond to any legal issue raised by patients or clients otherwise identified by providers during medical, behavioral health, or dental appointments.

Our staff attorneys handle a wide range of legal issues directly, and we also work with a network of pro bono volunteers. Our legal staff is also engaged in systemic legal reform efforts that impact our clients.


Contact Us

If you feel you have experienced any of the legal issues described above or are interested in volunteering or working with us, call our Legal Services department at (614) 340-6729 or email

Family Law Seminar

At family law seminars, volunteer lawyers and law students will assist with healthcare power of attorney, living will, and nomination of guardian for minor children.

Name & Gender Change Legal Clinic

We are now offering free legal assistance to change your name and gender on your identification.

Ohio Name & Gender Change Documents

If you wish to change your name or gender marker on identity documents and other records, this information will help guide you through the process.