Transgender Day of Remembrance

Dear Friends,

Please join me in setting aside time today to read the list of those lost to anti-trans violence this year. The list is sobering in both its length and the knowledge that it is incomplete.

Helping trans people create the spaces, bodies, and communities that feel habitable, comfortable, and—we hope—safe, is part of our ongoing work. As I scroll down the seemingly endless list of those murdered because they are trans, I want to believe that they have somehow not died in vain. But it is difficult; there is no reason, other than dehumanizing acts of hate, for these brutally shortened lives.

Remembering the dead, does indeed serve as a reminder—for those of us who need it—of the risks those among us who are trans take every day by not living in the shadows. Leaving home, coming to work, stopping for gas, or to pick up groceries—doing the things that make a life—should not require  bravery, but clearly, in 2018, for some they still do. And so I thank you for the effort it takes to live your lives large. By taking the risk to be yourselves, you are creating the world we all want to inhabit.

Today my heart grieves for the dead and holds fast to the courage of the living.


Bill Hardy

President & CEO