Columbus Dispatch: Cash-strapped clean needle initiative saved

6/29/2018 – The City of Columbus and Franklin County agree to increase funding for Equitas Health’s Safe Point program, which provided health services and clean syringes to 3,139 people last year. The funding will last through June 2019. Meanwhile Equitas Health and Harm Reduction Ohio continue to question an Ohio Department of Health decision to block local access to federal funding for syringe programs.

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Celebrating Pride, Remembering Those Who Brought Us This Far

6/16/2018 – Equitas Health President and CEO Bill Hardy reflects on the impact of the 2017 protest at Columbus Pride and its place within the legacy of activism that continues to carve out the space for LGBTQ people of all backgrounds to live healthy and satisfying lives – the legacy we celebrate this month.

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Columbus Dispatch: Clean needle program for drug users is running out of money

6-14-2018 – Equitas Health asks elected official to make a financial commitment to clean needle access during the opioid crisis. “We have been funding the bulk of the program,” said Peggy Anderson, Equitas’ chief operating officer. “We are willing to fund a piece of it, but since it is a public health crisis, we feel it’s something our partners at the city and county should assist with.”

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Smart Business: Equitas Health thrives on fulfilling unmet needs

5/25/2018 – Reporter Jayne Gest interviews Equitas Health President and CEO Bill Hardy about his vision to make LGBTQ-focused healthcare accessible to more Ohioans. “We’re responding to the community’s needs,” Hardy says. “We are obsessed with our mission. We are obsessed with remaining relevant.”

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“The Gateway” Newsletter – May 2018

5/30/18 – In this issue of The Gateway, meet Scarlett Le Blanc and Dwayne Steward, read our latest announcements, learn about new programs like CAPIT, and see our upcoming calendar of PRIDE and AIDS Walk Ohio events.

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Equitas Health Welcomes New Director of Prevention, Dwayne Steward

5/23/18 – Dwayne is a former Equitas Health employee who currently serves as the Director of Community Affairs at Fenway Health in Boston. In his new role at Equitas Health, Dwayne will create and implement new strategies to address HIV infection in Ohio, including the disproportionate rates of HIV infection among youth, racial/ethnic minorities, transgender, and gender non-conforming communities of color.

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