February 7th: I’m My Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper

Regent Epperson, African American HIV Prevention Coordinator

HIV/AIDS has disproportionately affected the African American community for over 30 years. Our images may not be reflected in the media, but we are the new faces of HIV/AIDS. We are in our neighborhoods and our church pews. As community members, it is vital we inform our brothers and sisters about the importance of educating themselves regarding any health crises affecting the African American community, including HIV/AIDS. According to the CDC, ā€œ1 in 2 African American MSM will contract the HIV virus in their lifetime.ā€

nhbaad-get educatedThis does not have to be our fate. As a community we possess the power to change the trajectory. Being a catalyst of change, together we can fight to end this plague in our communities, educate our brothers and sisters, and fight to save our next generation.

As the African American HIV Prevention Coordinator for Equitas Health, Iā€™m proud to provide this service to my community. We have the power to overcome HIV/AIDS if we stand tall, speak up, and get tested.