Good Morning and Go Vote!

Dear Friend,

Today’s special election in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District is in a statistical dead heat between Republican Troy Balderson and Democrat Danny O’ConnorThis congressional seat was vacated when Republican Pat Tiberi resigned earlier this year. According to a recent poll, the key to an O’Connor victory will be mobilizing the northern Columbus suburbs that account for 31% of the electorate. For Balderson to win, he will need to energize historically Republican parts of the district like Delaware and Licking counties.
Every election counts, and this one is no exception. Educate yourself on the two candidates and their positions on critical issues, like access to health care, and get out today- August 7th – and vote! 
Here are links to voting information at the Franklin County Board of ElectionsLicking County Board of Electionsand Delaware County Board of Elections.
Click here for more information on voting, including checking your voter registration and understanding voting requirements.

Thank you for your commitment to improving health care for all,


Daphne Kackloudis
Chief Public Policy & Strategy Officer