Equitas Health Welcomes New Director of Prevention, Dwayne Steward

We are thrilled to announce that Dwayne Steward will serve as the new Director of Prevention for Equitas Health.

In this role, Dwayne will create and implement an HIV prevention strategy to address continued rates of HIV infection in Ohio, including the disproportionate rates of HIV infection among youth, racial/ethnic minorities, transgender and gender non-conforming communities of color. In addition he will help lead Equitas Health’s harm reduction efforts. Dwayne will be an in integral member of Equitas Health’s leadership team working across service lines to bring a cross-disciplinary approach to prevention.

Dwayne is a former Equitas Health employee who currently serves as the Director of Community Affairs at Fenway Health in Boston, MA. In his most recent role he worked with local, national and international stakeholders to engage with the research, training, education and policy division of the Fenway Institute. Dwayne brings significant experience in health, advocacy and research to his new role. His work has focused largely around HIV, youth, and the LGBTQ community. Dwayne’s commitment to social justice has been at the heart of his extensive experience with non-profits and corporate agencies through which he has worked to build communities of inclusion, advance health equity, and break down institutional oppression.

Prior to his move to Boston, Dwayne served as an active member and leader within Columbus’ LGBTQ community. He is a writer, speaker, activist, and journalist. Dwayne’s first day as Director of Prevention will be June 18.