Equitas Health Employees Now Get Paid Time Off to Vote

#EquitasHealthVotes Voting for our LivesIn the last midterm election, nearly 60% of eligible voters didn’t cast a ballot—35% of those nonvoters named scheduling conflicts at work or school as the prime reason they didn’t vote. In response to this issue, employers all over the country are stepping up to encourage their employees to participate in this November’s election by giving them time off to do so.

Equitas Health knows that just encouraging employees and patients to vote is not enough—that is why we’re leading by example. We have joined a growing list of more than 200 companies nationwide who have given their staff paid time off to vote—either before or on Election Day.

At Equitas Health, we understand not only how important this November’s election is, but also how important every election is. We want to make sure that our employees have enough time to cast their ballots, so that a work-related conflict isn’t what keeps them from exercising their right to vote.

Our organization aims to ensure a high level of civic engagement and that includes participating in this and future elections. By implementing this new protocol, Equitas Health is proud to join business leaders across the country who aim to encourage and facilitate their employees’ participation in the democratic process.