3 Weeks Left to Register to Vote; 50 Days Until Nov. 6

Posted by Katy Shanahan, Advocacy Manager

There are just 50 days until Election Day on November 6, and just three weeks left until Ohio’s Voter Registration Deadline of October 9. Stop by any of Equitas Health’s offices across the state to either register to vote or to update any changes to your registration.

Let’s take a look at what’s on the ballot in Ohio, and what we’ve got our eyes on in the upcoming election.

Statewide Officials Affect Critical Policy
Here in Ohio, you’ll see all of our statewide officials on the ballot: Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, and the Auditor. The officials we elect to hold these offices will make policy that addresses access to health care, Ohio’s staggeringly high infant mortality rate, the opioid epidemic, the environment, school funding, and protecting voting and other civil rights.

Ohio Legislators Make Laws That Make a Difference
Also on the Ohio ballot are 17 Ohio Senate seats and all 99 of our Ohio House seats. The state legislators we elect will debate and develop legislation that tackles issues like changes to the Medicaid program, discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community, and restrictions on access to reproductive health care.

We’re keeping a close eye on policies that could roll back Medicaid expansion, and bills like the “Parents’ Rights Act,” that would require teachers and counselors to ‘out’ transgender youth and the “Pastor Protection Act,” that reaffirms religious leaders’ existing First Amendment rights not to perform weddings that violate their beliefs.

Issue 1: For a Safe and Health Ohio
There is one state issue on the ballot this year—Issue 1 for a Safe and Healthy Ohio. The amendment, if passed, aims to increase public safety by shifting money and people out of the prison system and into healing services. Issue 1 emphasizes that

  • addiction alone shouldn’t land someone in prison,
  • reinvesting in healing will result in increased safety,
  • probation violations shouldn’t result in a prison sentence,
  • earned credit can encourage rehabilitation.

Show Your Voter Pride!
As you can tell, there’s a lot at stake on the Ohio ballot this year. Here are some ways to show your voter pride.

  1. Register by OCT 9 at any Equitas Health office or by visiting
  2. Remind your neighbors about the OCT 9 registration deadline:stop by any Equitas Health office, beginning Monday September 24, and pick up #EquitasHealthVotes Yard Signs and Door Hangers.
  3. Join us on OCT 11, National Coming Out Day, for #ComeOutToVote, a party for equality-minded voters in the parking lot of the Franklin County Board of Elections with a fantastic line up of entertainers and speakers.
  4. Visit for more information about the upcoming election and voting.

And of course, #ComeOutToVote on (or before) November 9!

Yours in the fight,

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Advocacy Manager